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Dry Eye Treatment Specialist

E. Joseph Nadji, MD -  - Ophthalmologist

E. Joseph Nadji, MD

Ophthalmologist & Cornea Specialist located in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Nadji is skilled in the management of dry eyes, helping patients in and around Santa Monica, CA resolve underlying causes so they can feel more comfortable and avoid serious vision issues.

Dry Eye Treatment Q&A

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye is a medical condition that develops when there is a problem with your tears, which could be a problem with:

  • the quality of the tears

  • the production of the tears

  • the way the tears are dispersed across the eye surface

Normal tears consist of water, mucus, and oil. When the balance of these three elements is disrupted, tear quality suffers and your eyes aren't kept moist. Some people simply don't produce enough tears, and other times, lash problems or duct problems prevent the tears from washing across the surface of the eye to clear them of irritants.

What are the causes of dry eye?

There are two types of Dry Eye: Aqueous Dry Eye, which occurs when the lacrimal glands fail to produce enough fluid to maintain a healthy eye surface. Evaporative Dry Eye affects the majority of dry eye patients and is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) or blocked glands that create a deficiency in the oil layer of the tear film.

Dry eye can be caused by many underlying issues, including:

  • long-term use of some medications, including medication for blood pressure, depression, hormonal imbalances, allergies and acne

  • eyelid problems, including inward or outward turning of the lids (entropion or ectropion, respectively)

  • environmental exposures to smoke and other pollutants or ongoing exposure to dry air

  • lifestyle issues, like staring at a computer monitor for long periods or long periods of near-focusing

  • diseases that affect the immune system

What symptoms does dry eye cause?

Dry Eye Disease is one of the most common reasons for patient visits. Dry Eye can affect a person’s quality of life and ability to perform everyday functions such as driving a car and using a computer. Common symptoms of dry eye include blurry vision, redness, burning or pain, itching, light sensitivity, excess tearing, tired eyes and difficulty wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes can also make contact lens wear very uncomfortable.

What treatments are available for dry eyes?

Your treatment will depend on what's causing your dry eyes. Dr. Nadji will evaluate your eyes, perform a specialized Schirmer test to determine your tear production along with evaluating your meibomian glands. There are multiple treatments options: artificial tears and gels, punctual occlusion, punctual cautery, Restasis eye drops, fish oil supplements (omega 3), doxycycline, and serum tears. Dr. Nadji will review these options with you and recommend a personalized approach to your eye condition.

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